Strength Training Older Adults


This course is approved for the following CECs/CEUs:

ACSM 12.0 BCRPA 13.0 BOC Category A 5.00
CPTN 7.0 HFPA 12.0 ISSA 12.0
KIPS 1.2 NAFC 1.2 NASM 1.2
NETA 12.0 NFPT 1.5 NSCA 1.0
PTAG 13.0 SFA 1.2 WITS 12.0
YMCA 12.0


Virginia Board of Physical Therapy 5.0 (Type 1)–Please check with your state board for approval as most physical therapy boards will reciprocate approval for continuing education.

The American Academy of Health and Fitness (BOC AP#: P3645) is approved by the Board of Certification, Inc. to provide continuing education to Certified Athletic Trainers. This program is eligible for a maximum of 5.00 Category A hours/CEUs.


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The Strength Training Older Adults program addresses the information and tools needed to educate, motivate, and assist older adults in committing to and benefiting from individualized strength training programs. Guidelines for senior strength training provide a basis for program design, and recommendations for program modifications that construct strength training programs that meet each client’s needs, abilities, and limitations. Illustrations and biomechanically sound instructions for exercises that use resistance machines, free weights, body weight, elastic bands, and balls present proper techniques with clear explanations. Unique teaching scripts offer strategies for communicating information that will help clients avoid errors that cause injury or reduce the effectiveness of the exercise.

The Strength Training Older Adults home study course is offered to you in a distance-learning format provides principles, protocols, and adaptations you need for designing and directing sensible strength training programs for seniors. Numerous references for each topic offer starting points for further study, and tables, figures, and logs provide guidance in exercise program design and education for your clients. Use the information and tools included in this course to help your senior clients understand the benefits of strength training, overcome their intimidation, and commit to a training program that will enable them to enjoy a more vibrant and active lifestyle.

Certified health and fitness professionals holding more than one certification may obtain CECs/CEUS for all approved certification organizations (see list above) for which they need continuing education at no additional cost.

Course Objectives

1. Discuss the benefits of strength training for older adults.
2. Explain and apply the training principles to designing safe and effective strength training programs for older adults.
3. Explain and apply exercise execution procedures and instruction to incorporate into safe and effective strength training programs for older adults.
4. Create a safe and effective basic strength training workout program appropriate for older adults.
5. Modify a basic strength training workout program for more intermediate and advanced older adults.
6. Identify and describe alternative exercises and programs, which are appropriate for strength training older adults.
7. Explain the exercise modifications that may be needed when strength training older adults with certain conditions.
8. Design sport-specific strength training programs for older adults.
9. Discuss the nutritional needs of older adult clients.

Course Materials

Electronic FormatThe Strength Training Older Adults certificate package with online test includes the eBook version of the 344-page Fitness Professional’s Guide to Strength Training Older Adults by Thomas R. Baechle and Wayne Westcott and an 80-page workbook provided in PDF format. Instructions for completing the multiple-choice online test and obtaining CECs are also included in PDF format. Note: This course package is made available for immediate access and download after purchase. All materials for this electronic format course are available electronically. Nothing is mailed.

Buy your own textbook optionThe Strength Training Older Adults certificate package for this option includes a workbook and instructions for online testing. The textbook for this program is the 344-page Fitness Professional’s Guide to Strength Training Older Adults by Thomas R. Baechle and Wayne Westcott (which you purchase separately in your chosen format from Amazon or another bookseller.) Note: The workbook and test instructions for this course are made available for immediate access and download after purchase through AAHF. Nothing is mailed.

Book title: Fitness Professional’s Guide to Strength Training Older Adults by Thomas R. Baechle and Wayne Westcott
ISBN-13: 978-0736075817
ISBN-10: 073607581X

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Hard copy format with textbook included option — The Strength Training Older Adults certificate package with online test includes the 344-page book Fitness Professional’s Guide to Strength Training Older Adults by Thomas R. Baechle and Wayne Westcott and an 86-page workbook. Instructions for completing the multiple-choice/true-false online test and obtaining CECs are also included. Note: Course materials for this hardcopy format program are sent through USPS Priority Mail.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Why Seniors Should Strength Train
Chapter 2: Training Principles and Teaching Strategies
Chapter 3: Exercise Execution Procedures and Instruction
Chapter 4: Basic Workout Programs
Chapter 5: Intermediate and Advanced Workout Programs
Chapter 6: Alternative Exercises and Programs
Chapter 7: Progress Assessment
Chapter 8: Working With Special Populations
Chapter 9: Sport-Specific Strength Training
Chapter 10: Nutrition for Senior Clients

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First NameEnter the certification organization(s) for which you are seeking credits: How would you rate this educational activity overall? The program met my expectations. The quality of materials and program design met my expectations.The information received was useful and beneficial.What did you like the most about this program?General Comments:
Im glad that there were photos of exercises in the book, but a video would help with learning the technique and correct body positioning, its hard to tell all of that unless photo is shot at multiple angles. Again, if video demos of exercises were available, I was not aware of it.  The study guide was very helpful in summarizing main points of each chapter.
Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree
I took my time to study.
Very educational
Specific ailments and ways to get around them
Senior Center - Cobb County, GA
Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree
The workbook that was proived was easy to use and follow
good course 
Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree
National Trainers Exercise Association
World Instructor Training Schools
Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree
The study guide was  great and the quizzes helped too! :-)
# 28 is misleading.  Technically, you would begin with targeting 6-8 repetitions and gradually increase over time. Both are modifications. I waivered back and forth about one or the other. Would like to know the ones I got wrong.  Otherwise I thought it was a fair representation of knowledge needed.
Neta - ACE
Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree
Tests after each chapter
Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree
Good reference material and easy to access.
Strongly Agree
Strongly Agree
A Yvonne
Strongly Agree
Easy to use - read chapter, read workbook, quiz - repeat.Quality information delivered in a way that was easily comprehended.Excellent customer service: I called, a real human answered (Tammy;) and walked me through the answer to my question. This is a rarity nowadays, and very much appreciated.
Thanks so much!

Evaluations prior to new system.

Submission DateFirst NameLast NameEnter the certification organization(s) for which you are seeking credits:Promotional materials were accurate and complete.Administrative instructions were complete and understandable.The course content met my expectations.How will you apply the content of this course to your work?What recommendations and/or general comments do you have?How did you hear about this course?Would you recommend this course to a friend?
2018-04-12 14:30:34VadaRubinoNASMStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYes
2018-01-25 18:33:52TanyaSawrieAFAAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeWorking with seniors to improve overall quality of lifenoneAFAA websiteYes
2017-12-31 20:41:38BryantMeeksNSCAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYes
2017-12-09 18:54:20KatherineCusackCSCSStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly Agreestrength trainingnonewebsiteYes
2017-11-20 21:46:02NSCAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeI work as a PT and serve mostly older patients. The resistance training percentages and progression plans will be implemented immediately.None. Format and testing was excellent!NSCA websiteYes
2017-11-20 21:41:52NSCA
2017-11-15 11:04:57National Strength and Conditioning AssociationStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeI currently run a workout class for older adults and am applying many things that I learned in this book.Some of the content was very repetitive. I did like the charts that gave a recommended load assignment based off of age. That was very helpful.I was running a workout class for older adults and needed CEU's to maintain my CSCS through the NSCA and this class was on the list. I felt it could help be better myself as a coach and improve the quality of my classes and I believe it did.Yes
2017-11-01 12:08:03Michelle LeConteAgreeAgreeAgreeNAFCYes
2017-10-30 16:53:40wittsStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly Agreeit will really help me with training my older adult clientsThis course was really helpful!Through Witts!Yes
2017-10-16 15:45:49NSCAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYes
2017-10-14 17:41:19W.i.T.SStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeI really learned a lot from this course. Challenging and enjoyable. I will definitely use and apply to client workout programs. Thank you.Read the textbook and workbook - you will definitely pass if you study. Not that easy of a courseW.I.T. S websiteYes
2017-10-09 12:46:36NSCAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYes
2017-10-08 13:43:35National Council of Strength and Fitness(NCSF)Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYes
2017-09-28 09:18:12nscaStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYes
2017-09-25 20:49:16AFAAAgreeAgreeAgreeI will continue to teach but with more tool and info on how to teach my older clients.Love that this was online!AFAAYes
2017-09-24 21:21:08CPTNStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeWill be altering training plans for my older clientsGreat in-depth courseWebsiteYes
2017-09-24 14:22:17NSCA, SpinningAgreeDisagreeAgreeI train and teach older adults and will be able to better meet their needs.
2017-09-19 17:45:17NSCAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYes
2017-09-05 12:44:59NETA and ACEStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeI teach SeniorsnaNETAYes
2017-08-19 19:48:17NASMStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeTraining senior clients and in teaching group fitness classes.Great info.NASM.Yes
2017-08-02 15:39:46NSCA CSCSAgreeAgreeAgreeI work with many clients and groups over 60 years of age. This will help keep me mindful of the best approaches to safely maximize there results.I enjoy the material from AAHF, and look forward to doing future courses with the organization. PTonthenetYes
2017-07-15 14:46:36NASMAgreeAgreeAgreeYes
2017-07-06 14:24:05NASMStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeI work with seniors both at a gym and a Senior Center so I hope to help them achieve greater fitness levelsOnlineYes
2017-06-26 15:24:05NASMAgreeAgreeStrongly Agree
2017-06-03 02:46:32NCSA Japan Member *CSCS certifiedStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeTry use as basis for finding and training older adults as clientsNone. But check your Q12, there is a spelling mistake: You have, "...too any...", should be TOO MANY NSCA referredYes
2017-05-01 17:47:41Certified Professional Trainers NetworkAgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeI work with an older population, so this material has and will continue to come in handy.There were many spelling errors in the workbook!CPTN website.Yes
2017-03-16 14:43:21NETAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeThe majority of the population I work with in training and class work is the older population. The information will help with programs and progressions for training.NETAYes
2017-02-25 20:26:42NETAAgreeAgreeAgreeinstruct seniors in resistance training benefits.NETA catalogYes
2017-02-21 18:21:10BCRPAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeAs I begin to personal train with older adults I will implement the knowledge learned into daily practice.The course was great!Online.Yes
2016-11-14 14:54:11NASMStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeWill use it every day for both myself and my clients!NoneonlineYes
2016-10-14 07:57:11NSCAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeWorking with seniors on a daily basis, I can apply these principles to their program designMore of an emphasis on power/elastic training - there was a paragraph about its importance, but nothing furtherPrevious participantYes
2016-10-06 10:28:50ActionStrongly AgreeNeutralStrongly AgreeYes
2016-09-11 10:27:12WITSAgreeAgreeAgreeWorking with older adults, this course gave me more of a foundation to build on.WITSYes
2016-09-10 12:30:01WITSStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeI would use my knowledge of what I learned in this courseI think that the course was very helpfulby Email send to me from AAHFYes
2016-08-13 14:52:42NETANeutralStrongly AgreeDisagreeYes
2016-08-12 14:08:27ISSAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeI am not currently working as a trainer, but plan to be in the near future. I will refer to the course textbook and use the new information I learned to help older adults, especially those with disabilities, get healthy and fit safely.ISSA Continuing Ed websiteYes
2016-06-17 11:28:47NSCAAgreeAgreeAgreeI'm targeting the aged population for most of my clients.NSCA websiteYes
2016-05-29 22:04:06ACEStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeNew BusinessThank you Tammyand Pete!My husband Michael ArbageyYes
2016-05-29 21:38:16ISSAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeNew BusinessI thought there was a problem with completion and not seeing a printable certificate. Sorry, I completed the test twice so it's not your system its user error.PT on the NetYes
2016-05-29 21:16:17ISSAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeHome training mobile business.Keep up the good work, you guys are great!Have used you in the past. Believe it was PTonthe Net originallyYes
2016-03-25 20:09:45NETAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeI teach Silver Sneaker classes, so will use this information daily.I missed one, but I don't know which one. I would like to know where my thinking is incorrect.NETAYes
2016-03-10 10:58:01World Instructor Training School WITsStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYes
2015-12-29 17:07:03NAFCStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYes
2015-12-25 14:36:15NATA and NSCAAgreeStrongly AgreeAgreeYes
2015-12-21 11:50:16BOC (athletic trainer)AgreeNeutralAgreeYes
2015-12-17 10:41:03W.I.T.SStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly Agreei have been disabled for a few years now but I help family and friends who want to stay in shape and stay healthy.i am impressed with the way AAHF maps out everything in their materials it makes studying so much easier!I took Nutrition for special needs as my last coarse through AAHF!Yes
2015-11-23 12:03:04WITSAgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeI am a Silver Sneakers instructorI found this very usefulWITS Cec listYes
2015-11-12 15:38:19NETAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeI teach a Cardio and Core class now at the fitness center work at. I have several older adults that attend this class. I can better judge what things I can have them do in class. Also, Iam a certified Silver Sneaker instructor and there are things I learned from this course that I can bring to that class as well. Through NETAYes
2015-11-07 15:06:19W.I.T.S.
2015-10-15 08:54:30Cabarrus Senior CenterStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeI will incorporate strength training using machine for individual older adultsI would like Tai Chi for Health by Dr. Paul Lam added to approved CEUscatalogNo
2015-09-08 12:08:49NETA Personal TrainerStrongly AgreeDisagreeStrongly AgreeI was given testing instructions from both the American Academy of Health and Fitness and NETA. I was instructed to go to two different websites to complete the exam, the instructions given by the NETA didn't work so I followed the instructions given by the AAHF to take the test. I'm hoping I not supposed to take two different tests for this one class.NETA websiteYes
2015-07-31 10:38:25W.I.T.S., AAHAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeMany of my group fitness class students are older adults.Great, informative course!Online at W.I.T.S.Yes
2015-07-25 16:33:59WITSStrongly AgreeDisagreeNeutralHelps me to understand the limitations of older adultsMake this easier to download for non computer literate peopleThrough WITSNo
2015-07-10 18:28:33NASMAgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeTypically, I train older adults. The guidelines here will help me have a better foundation from which to work with my clients.The course was fairly accurate but there were a few spelling and grammar errors such as the use of "then" rather than "than" in perhaps 1 or 2 places.Google searchingYes
2015-07-10 12:51:28NETAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYes
2015-06-28 17:40:43WITSAgreeAgreeAgreeIt is relative to personal training.none, at this time.The WITS websiteYes
2015-06-21 16:33:52personal trainerAgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYes
2015-06-18 13:12:36NETAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeWorking with older adultsMore feedbackNETAYes
2015-06-18 12:41:56NETAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeIn my classes with strength and balancegood classThrough NETAYes
2015-06-15 23:16:13nestaStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYes
2015-04-23 01:09:59NETAAgreeAgreeAgreeI will use this guide if I change my training population to seniorsNoneNETAYes
2015-04-16 16:12:48W.I.T.S.Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeTraining and information reference for clientsYes
2015-04-10 17:18:37NASM,ACSMStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreewebsiteYes
2015-04-04 02:26:11WITSStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeThrough WITSYes
2015-03-26 18:40:02NETAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeInstructing a varied age group in free weight trainingexcellent courseNETAYes
2015-03-21 18:10:33World Instructor Training SchoolsStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeI work with all walks of life. Not only is this material applicable to older inidividuals it also aids in the average man or woman. knowledge is power.I am very pleased with the information.Through internet workshops. W.I.I.T.S.Yes
2015-03-14 16:22:49WITSStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYes
2015-03-05 02:16:20W.I.T.S.Strongly AgreeAgreeAgreeI work as a personal trainer and many of my clients are 55+ years old.W.I.T.S. website.Yes
2015-03-01 02:00:00W.I.T.S.Strongly AgreeStrongly Agreei train older adults.noneW.I.T.S. WebsiteYes
2015-02-26 17:34:53WITSStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly Agreeadding more safety protocols to training older adultsvery informativeonlineYes
2015-02-01 20:17:34NASMStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeGroup Fitness program design for Older AdultsAAHF WebsiteYes
2015-01-29 03:54:05NETAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeI will use the information I learned to help with teaching my senior classes.n/aThrough the organization where I am certified for teaching group fitness classes.Yes
2015-01-24 15:06:39CPTNStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYes