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Functionally Fit™ Training Series Table of Contents

Introduction – Use it or lose it! An overview of America's aging population.

Purpose – Why the program was developed, and the view of a typical CNA's day.

Musculoskeletal Anatomy and Movement – A closer look at bones, joints, muscles, connective tissue and how they work.

Exercise Science – The effects of aging on the muscular system and what to do about it.

Measurement and Assessment – Why we measure, what we measure and how we measure.

Warm-up and Strength Exercises – A set of exercises to warm-up and begin to strengthen the body.

Motivation – Why motivation is a key to later success and strategies to help motivate the older adult, and why this program should NEVER, EVER be called exercise in the presence of a patient..

Graduation – Now that strength gains have been made, consider endurance, balance and flexibility.

Appendices – Forms, billing information, manuals and articles for education.

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