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Functionally Fit™ is a unique training program
that teaches CNAs, and other frontline caregivers,
to make functional strength part of the daily care plan
for residents in assisted and skilled nursing facilities.

Functionally Fit™ Training Series

Functionally Fit book

Consider these average national statistics for nursing home residents:

  • Nearly 95% of residents were dependent on staff for bathing
  • 87% dependent for dressing
  • 79% dependent for toileting
  • 74% dependent for transfers
  • 50% dependent for eating
  • 74% dependent on staff for 4-5 ADLs
  • 55% experience bladder incontinence
  • 46% experience bowel incontinence
  • 54% are chair bound
  • Nearly 5% are bedfast
  • 31% can ambulate with assistance while only 16% are ambulatory with little or no assistance

Our Functionally Fit™ program was developed to help improve the quality of life for older people who are suffering from physical frailty or from some degree of physical dependency. The goal of the program is to help these seniors regain enough physical strength to improve their ability to meet everyday challenges.

Functionally Fit™, through on-line trained Certified Nurse Aides (CNA), reaches the chronic long-term care and assisted living patient to provide daily functional training as an accepted and expected part of the daily care plan. It is also feasible to train family members in the Functionally Fit™ philosophy so that they can be involved in the process of keeping their loved one as independent as possible. The CNA, or other front-line caregiver, is educated and then certified to provide this type of care. Society must change its view that long term care facilities are just warehouses where we store people until they die. Ideally, functional training, with a focus on strength, should be part of a person's lifestyle at any age. But as people grow older and begin to lose muscle strength and mass, it becomes even more important to reverse, or at least slow, the effects of aging and to guarantee independence for the activities of daily living into old age. Along with the course manual, there are 29 sessions presented in an on-line program to facilitate the learning process. A color-coded DVD and poster set of the program to be used with the patient is also provided as an additional instructional guide for each resident's room.

Press Release — Use It or Lose It
Benefits of the Functionally Fit™ program
CNAs – Focus on the Frontline

Bringing the program to your location

Every facility has different needs. We personalize our programs to fit your unique requirements. For a personal consultation on how to bring the Functionally Fit™ program to your location, please contact us.

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