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Fitness Nutrition – Fueling Tips for Early Morning Exercisers

Fitness Nutrition for early morning exercisers

Article by Nancy Clark What’s the best fitness nutrition advice to fuel for early morning workouts? Many athletes train in the early morning. Rowers commonly meet at 5:30 a.m.. Hockey players might get rink-time at 5:00 a.m.. Athletes who need to be at work at 7:00 often train at 4:30 a.m. The question arises: What’s…

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Corrective Exercise Tips for Knee Pain from Tight Hips

Lying leg assessment to determine corrective exercise need.

Article by Justin Price Muscle tightness, or lack of flexibility, can lead to pain and dysfunction and the need for corrective exercise To help you understand how tight hips can cause knee pain you must first appreciate that the knee seldom works in isolation.1 For example, activities that often cause knee pain like squatting, lunging,…

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Senior Fitness Training: Avoiding Muscle and Bone Loss

Article by Wayne Westcott and Rita La Rosa Loud Components for the most effective senior fitness training program to combat muscle and bone loss Inactive aging is associated with significant amounts of muscle loss on a year-by-year basis. Adults who do not perform some type of strength training sacrifice more than 5 pounds of muscle…

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Effects of Resistance Training and Aerobic Exercise Plus Nutrition on Bone, Muscle, and Blood Pressure in Older Adults

Personal trainer helping an older adult woman with a resistance training exercise.

Article by Wayne L. Westcott, Ph.D., Jose Vaighese, M.D., Nancy Moynihan, M.S., Rita La Rosa Loud, B.S., Scott Whitehead, B.S. According to recent research reported by the National Institutes of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 55, fewer than 2.5 percent of older adults (age 60 and above) attain 30 or more minutes…

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Why Should Personal Trainers Become Self Defense Trainers?

By Tim Rockford Why should personal trainers consider adding self defense training to the list of client services offered? There are both personal and professional reasons! Let’s put one myth to rest immediately. Acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary for teaching basic level self defense methods, tactics and techniques, to the general public does not…

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Five Reasons Why You Want to Eat Carbohydrates

By Nancy Clark As the New Year starts, I hear way too many athletes vowing to “knock off carbs” for their nutrition resolution. Most intend to eat less sugar (OK). Some plan to cut out bread, pasta, potato and starchy foods (not OK). And, others plan to also limit fruits and veggies (bad idea). The…

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Can Better Posture From Corrective Exercise Make You Happier?

By Justin Price As a fitness professional trained in musculoskeletal assessments, you are already aware that a client’s posture holds clues about their structure and movement potential. However, have you ever considered that you can also use the results of a postural assessment to gain insight into your client’s mental state of mind and emotional…

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Re-examining Exercise Repetition Speed

By Wayne L. Westcott Movement speed has long been a controversial area in the field of strength training.  Although fast movement speeds may permit heavier weight loads, this is largely due to momentum.  For example, if Jim performs barbell curls with his back against the wall he can use an 80-pound weight load.  However, if…

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Sports Nutrition Questions

By Nancy Clark   Athletes have many questions about how to fuel for top performance. The Internet abounds with answers—but how do you what’s valid? Here are some trust-worthy answers, based on research presented at the American College of Sports Medicine’s Annual Meeting (May 2018; FUELING DURING  Do elite athletes, such as professional soccer…

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