Articles by Justin Price

How Tight Hips Can Cause Knee Pain

By Justin Price To help you understand how tight hips can cause knee pain you must first appreciate that the knee seldom works in isolation.1 For example, activities that often cause knee pain like squatting, lunging, walking and running all require the feet, ankles, legs and hips to move together in a coordinated fashion. Let’s…

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Can Better Posture Make You Happier?

By Justin Price As a fitness professional trained in musculoskeletal assessments, you are already aware that a client’s posture holds clues about their structure and movement potential. However, have you ever considered that you can also use the results of a postural assessment to gain insight into your client’s mental state of mind and emotional…

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Is Your Ab Routine Hurting Your Back?

By Justin Price What does your abdominal training routine or the exercises you recommend for your clients look like? Are the techniques you choose helping your abs look good while inadvertently hurting your lower back? Most abdominal workouts contain variations of plank and abdominal bridging exercises to strengthen the muscles that help stabilize the pelvis,…

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