Five Reasons Why You Want to Eat Carbohydrates

By Nancy Clark As the New Year starts, I hear way too many athletes vowing to “knock off carbs” for their nutrition resolution. Most intend to eat less sugar (OK). Some plan to cut out bread, pasta, potato and starchy foods (not OK). And, others plan to also limit fruits and veggies (bad idea). The…

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Sports Nutrition Questions

By Nancy Clark   Athletes have many questions about how to fuel for top performance. The Internet abounds with answers—but how do you what’s valid? Here are some trust-worthy answers, based on research presented at the American College of Sports Medicine’s Annual Meeting (May 2018; FUELING DURING  Do elite athletes, such as professional soccer…

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Sports Nutrition: #ScienceNotOpinion

By Nancy Clark   Performance starts with fueling, not training! The best way to fuel for top performance seems to be a debatable topic these days. To keep on top of the science regarding food, exercise and performance, I look to SCAN, the Sports & Cardiovascular Nutrition practice group of the Academy of Nutrition and…

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Are You Training Your Gut?

By Nancy Clark   Athletes tend to do a good job of training their muscles, heart and lungs. But some of them (particularly endurance athletes and those in running sports) commonly fail to train their guts. As one marathoner reported, “I was so afraid of getting diarrhea during long training runs that I did not…

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Weight: Is It a Matter of Willpower?

By Nancy Clark   Is weight simply a matter of willpower? You might think so, given the number of dieters who add on exercise, subtract food, and expect excess fat to melt away. But it does not always happen that way. Older athletes notice the fat that creeps on year after year seems harder and…

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Updates from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

By Nancy Clark   Nutrition misinformation and food confusion surrounds today’s health-conscious athletes. To arm myself with knowledge to better educate my clients, I (along with 10,000 other registered dietitians) attended the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics annual convention to learn the latest food and nutrition updates. Here is some information that might help you…

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