Training Guidelines and Programs

Re-examining Exercise Repetition Speed

By Wayne L. Westcott Movement speed has long been a controversial area in the field of strength training.  Although fast movement speeds may permit heavier weight loads, this is largely due to momentum.  For example, if Jim performs barbell curls with his back against the wall he can use an 80-pound weight load.  However, if…

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Training Cancer Survivors

By Tammy Petersen   Once a virtual death sentence, cancer today is a curable disease for many and a chronic illness for most. With continued advances in strategies to detect cancer early and treat it effectively, along with the aging of the population, the number of individuals living years beyond a cancer diagnosis can be…

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A Basic Exercise Program for Beginning Participants

By Wayne L. Westcott and Rita La Rosa Loud   Have you ever felt confused about the myriad of strength training models presently being promoted in the fitness market?  Do you wonder why there are so many different strength training protocols and workout programs?  Variety aside, do you wish that there was a simple and…

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Guidelines for Strength Training During Pregnancy

By Catherine Cram You may have heard people warn that pregnant women shouldn’t lift anything over their head or objects that are heavier than ten pounds when pregnant. These are warnings that still make the fitness trainer rounds when working with pregnant clients, yet neither is based in fact. There’s no evidence for warning pregnant…

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