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Cancer and the Older Adult

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This course is approved for the following CECs/CEUs:

ACSM 4.0

BOC Category A 2.00

NASM 0.4

CPTN 7.0

PTAG 5.0

NSCA 0.4

YMCA 4.0

BCRPA 10.0

ISSA 5.0

SFA 0.4

NFPT 0.5

KIPS 0.4

NETA 4.0

HFPA 4.0

NAFC 0.4

WITS 2.0

VBPT 2.0 - Type 1

What you will learn

Evidence has shown that physical activity has numerous health benefits for cancer patients and survivors.

More clinicians and oncologists are recommending exercise as a strategy for reducing the side effects of treatment, speeding recovery, and improving overall quality of life.

In turn, cancer survivors are seeking health and fitness professionals with knowledge and experience to help them learn how to exercise safely within their capabilities.

The facts and practical applications are intertwined in such a way as to render the information totally relevant. That is, this resource not only deals with the essential materials related to cancer risk, disease states and treatment, but offers research-based guidelines for both avoiding and addressing cancer.

There is a section on physical activity for cancer survivors, with specific recommendations regarding exercise and lymphedema.

A similar and equally strong segment of this resource is the nutritional guidelines for cancer survivors.

All of this leads to a chapter which features specific diet and exercise recommendations for living productively after surviving various types of cancer.

This is followed by recipes for attaining desirable amounts of fruits and proteins through shakes and smoothies. In sum, this is an ideal resource for personal trainers who wish to work effectively with older adults who have experienced cancer.

Certified health and fitness professionals holding more than one certification may obtain CECs/CEUS for all approved certification organizations (see list above) for which they need continuing education at no additional cost.

Course Objectives

Upon succesfully completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Explain what cancer is and how it can develop.
  • Identify lifestyle factors that may increase the risk of getting cancer.
  • Describe how diet, weight and exercise affect the length and quality of cancer survival.
  • Explain diet and exercise recommendations for survivors of various cancers.

Course Features

Electronic Format

This is the only available option and includes:

  • Online test
  • 64-page manual in PDF format
  • 40-page workbook in PDF format
  • No time limit to complete

Study from home

A continuing education home study course offered in a distance-learning format with no time limit to complete.

Immediate Access

All course materials and online test are available for immediate access and/or download after purchasing.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Understanding Cancer

Chapter 2: Cancer Prevention Related to Lifestyle

Chapter 3: Risk Factors for Common Cancers

Chapter 4: Cancer Survivors

Chapter 5: Specific Diet and Exercise Recommendations

Chapter 6: Shakes and Smoothies for Special Populations

I like the format of AAHF program materials. I found the workbook and quizzes supplied very helpful to learn the material and prepare for the test. Thank you!
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My AAHF program was straight forward, concise, and relative.
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My AAHF course was comprehensive and well laid-out. It was also very succinct, easy to study for and very useful in day-to-day client programming.
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I am very happy with each of the four home study CEC courses I have taken from AAHF and will be back for more!
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