Exercise and Cancer Survivorship


This course is approved for the following CECs/CEUs:

BCRPA 11.0 BOC Category A 6.25 CPTN 7.0
HFPA 11.0 ISSA 13.0 KIPS 1.3
NAFC 1.1 NASM 1.3 NETA 11.0
NFPT 1.0 NSCA 1.1 PTAG 12.0
SFA 1.1 WITS 11.0 YMCA 13.0

Virginia Board of Physical Therapy 6.25 (Type 1)–Please check with your state board for approval as most physical therapy boards will reciprocate approval for continuing education.

The American Academy of Health and Fitness (BOC AP#: P3645) is approved by the Board of Certification, Inc. to provide continuing education to Certified Athletic Trainers. This program is eligible for a maximum of 6.25 Category A hours/CEUs.


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Evidence has shown that physical activity has numerous health benefits for cancer patients and survivors. More clinicians and oncologists are recommending exercise as a strategy for reducing the side effects of treatment, speeding recovery, and improving overall quality of life. In turn, cancer survivors are seeking health and fitness professionals with knowledge and experience to help them learn how to exercise safely within their capabilities.

The Exercise and Cancer Survivorship™ continuing education home study course presents the science behind the benefits of exercise for cancer survival and survivorship as well as the application of that science to the design or adaptation of exercise programs for cancer patients and survivors. The course offers the most current evidence-based information compiled by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) for working with survivors of many types of cancers and is designed to assist health and fitness professionals in using exercise to help cancer survivors with recovery, rehabilitation and reducing the risk of recurrence.

This continuing education course offered to you in a distance-learning format places emphasis on practical application, including the incidence and prevalence of the most common cancers; common cancer treatments and side effects; the benefits of exercise after a diagnosis of cancer; exercise testing, prescription and programming; nutrition and weight management; counseling for health behavior change, and injury prevention. This course will increase health and fitness professionals’ knowledge of the benefits of exercise after a cancer diagnosis as well as the specifics of developing and adapting exercise programs to meet the unique needs of cancer survivors.

Certified health and fitness professionals holding more than one certification may obtain CECs/CEUS for all approved certification organizations (see list above) for which they need continuing education at no additional cost.

Course Objectives

1. Discuss the general epidemiology of cancer, common screening practices, treatment strategies, and warning signs for recurrence.
2. Identify side effects, signs, and symptoms associated with common cancers and treatment strategies.
3. Explain and distinguish between lifestyle and heredity factors that influence mechanisms of cancer etiology.
4. Discuss the physiologic and psychological attributes and benefits that may be improved by exercise training among cancer survivors.
5. Obtain basic and medical history from cancer survivors and recognize how cancer and its treatments may affect components of fitness and fitness testing results.
6. Describe the benefits and risks of safe exercise training in the cancer survivor, as well as possible exercise prescription/program modifications.
7. Discuss the effects of cancer treatments on the nutritional health and needs of cancer patients and survivors.
8. Identify and explain behavioral strategies that can enhance exercise and activity motivation and adherence for cancer patients and survivors.
9. Recognize and respond to cancer-specific safety issues and emergencies, as well as complete incident documentation related to cancer-specific adverse events.
10. Discuss essential operation, administration, and management roles and tasks within a cancer center, cancer treatment facility, and outpatient setting.

Course Materials

Electronic format — The Exercise and Cancer Survivorship™certificate package with online test includes the eBook version of the 208-page ACSM’s Guide to Exercise and Cancer Survivorship Editor Melinda L. Irwin, PhD, MPH and a 74-page workbook provided in PDF format. Instructions for completing the multiple-choice online test and obtaining CECs are also included in PDF format. Note: This course package is made available for immediate access and download after purchase. All materials for this electronic format course are available electronically. Nothing is mailed.

Table of Contents

ACSM Reviewers

Chapter 1. Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer
Larissa A. Korde, MD, MPH
Cancer Incidence and Survival
Cancer Biology
Cancer Staging
Cancer Screening and Diagnosis
Cancer Recurrence Warning Signs

Chapter 2. Side Effects and Persistent Effects of Cancer Surgery and Treatment
Tara Sanft, MD, and Melinda L. Irwin, PhD, MPH
Side Effects of Cancer Surgery and Treatment
Recurrence, New Primaries, and Second Cancers

Chapter 3. Lifestyle Factors Associated With Cancer Incidence, Recurrence, and Survival
Heather K. Neilson, MSc, and Christine M. Friedenreich, PhD
Effect of Body Weight
Effect of Exercise
Effect of Diet

Chapter 4. Benefits of Physical Activity After a Cancer Diagnosis
Kristin L. Campbell, BSc PT, PhD
Physiological Effects of Exercise Training
Psychological Benefits of Exercise Training
Cancer-Specific Exercise Issues by Body System
Effects of Cancer Medications or Treatments on Designing an Exercise Program

Chapter 5. Cardiorespiratory Fitness Testing in Clients Diagnosed With Cancer
Lee W. Jones, PhD, and Claudio Battaglini, PhD
Administration of Cardiorespiratory Fitness Testing
Exercise Testing Safety

Chapter 6. Exercise Prescription and Programming Adaptations: Based on Surgery, Treatment, and Side Effects
Kathryn Schmitz, PhD, MPH
Health Promotion and Risk of Disease Reduction
Exercise Prescription Alterations to Address Individual Needs
Benefits and Risks of Exercise and Exercise Training
Exercise Prescription Individualization
Acute and Chronic Adverse Effects of Treatment
Setting Goals
Sample Exercise Prescriptions

Chapter 7. Nutrition and Weight Management
Stephanie Martch, MS, RD, LD, and Wendy Demark-Wahnefried, PhD, RD
Diet in Cancer Prevention, Control, and Overall Health
Weight Status and Body Composition
Weight and Height Assessment
Energy Consumption and Cancer
Diet Composition and Nutrition Status
Complementary Alternative Medicine and Functional Foods
Dietary Supplements

Chapter 8. Health Behavior Change Counseling
Karen Basen-Engquist, PhD, MPH; Heidi Perkins, PhD; and Daniel C. Hughes, PhD
Effect of Cancer on Readiness to Exercise
Theory-Based Methods and Exercise
Translating Theory Into Practice
Chapter 9. Safety, Injury Prevention, and Emergency Procedures
Anna L. Schwartz, PhD, FNP, FAAN
Cancer-Specific Safety Considerations
Emergency Procedures

Chapter 10. Program Administration
Carole M. Schneider, PhD
Designing a Cancer Rehabilitation Program
Cancer Rehabilitation Programs and Settings
Program Description and Operations
Policies and Procedures
Legal Issues and Documentation
Reimbursement Concerns
Community-Based Support

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2017-09-29 01:39:59NASMStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeI am a Certified Personal Trainer and LMT. I plan on focusing on healing and helping Cancer Survirors.NoneI found it online.Yes
2017-08-23 17:33:51ISSAAgreeAgreeAgreeI have one specific client who is a survivor. She has balance issues due to surgery to remove the tumor from her brain. This was helpful in understanding some of her issues.The first time I took the test I got 60 minutes, as it said I would. I ran out of time. The 2nd time, it only gave me 40 minutes. I was so nervous I wouldn't have time but thought since I had just taken it the day before I would be ok. I ran out of time. The 3rd time, I again only was given 40 minutes. There is some type of glitch but fortunately I passed that time.ISSA websiteYes
2017-07-16 15:34:57NAFCStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYes
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2017-02-15 16:10:40International Sports Sciences AssociationAgreeAgreeStrongly AgreeI will use this as a registered dietitian when speaking about exercise as it relates to cancer survivors.None at this time.I looked on-line to see which courses were related to cancer survivorship and exercise.Yes
2016-12-02 15:46:41NASMStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeIn training breast cancer survivorsGreat course!onlineYes
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