The Fitness Professional’s Guide to Coaching Lifestyle Wellness


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ACSM 20.0 BCRPA 20.0 BOC Category A 10.00
CPTN 7.0 HFPA 20.0 ISSA 20.0
KIPS 2.0 NAFC 2.0 NASM 1.9
NETA 20.0 NFPT 1.75 NSCA 1.1
PTAG 20.0 SFA 20.0 YMCA 20.0

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Lifestyles have changed dramatically over the past quarter century. Along with these changes come exciting opportunities, including new career paths in the professional domain of health and wellness coaching. Centered on an evidence-based process for guiding change, this program offers a systematic approach to helping clients achieve enduring changes in their personal health and wellness behaviors through a supportive and forward-moving coaching relationship.

The Fitness Professional’s Guide to Coaching Lifestyle Wellness continuing education home study course is offered to you in a distant-learning format. Completion of this program will ensure that health, wellness, and fitness professionals who want to incorporate a coaching approach in their work have the most current and accurate map of the coaching field and its terminology. The course includes structures for coaching conversations, case studies and practical aids. It further gives communication strategies to motivate, guide, inform, and support clients in realizing personal change. The boundaries of appropriate coaching relationships are addressed, along with the skills for professional development and methodology for supporting clients in change processes related to health, wellness, and fitness.

Certified health and fitness professionals holding more than one certification may obtain CECs/CEUS for all approved certification organizations (see list above) for which they need continuing education at no additional cost.

Course Objectives

1. Explain lifestyle wellness coaching and understand what makes coaching effective for increasing a client’s pursuit of healthy lifestyle behaviors.
2. Discuss the evolution of the coaching profession and distinguish lifestyle wellness coaching from other health, wellness and fitness roles.
3. Explain and identify appropriate interventions for the Transtheoretical Model (TTM) and the Learning Through Change (LTC) Model.
4. Describe the flow model of coaching and explain the three areas of focus during the engagement phase and the goal-pursuit phase.
5. Know how to create effective coaching relationships and identify boundaries to the coaching role.
6. Describe the importance of relationship building in the coaching relationship and explain the core components of a solid coaching relationship.
7. Identify and explain nonverbal communication, active listening, verbal and nonverbal encourages and “summarizing” in communications with a coaching client.
8. Discuss open, closed, indirect questions, problematic, and powerful questions; and, the value of questioning in the coaching relationship.
9. Explain the roles of feedback, confrontations, self-disclosure and immediacy in the coaching relationship; along describing the effective use of instruction, information and advice in the coaching relationship.
10. Explain the value of focusing in the process of enhancing awareness and the purposes and processes for utilizing reflections of meaning and interpretations in the coaching relationship.
11. Describe the competency development model and identify the six competencies that clients need.
12. Discuss the importance of action planning, SuPeRSMART goals and goal-setting; plus, identify strategies for managing endings to promote client autonomy, self-efficacy, and the transfer of learning.
13. Explain how the changes generated in coaching for the coach and client are likely to be transformational; and explain the three spheres of the Coach Development Curriculum.

Course Materials

Electronic Format – Fitness Professional’s Guide to Coaching Lifestyle Wellness certificate package with online test includes the eBook version of the 267-page Lifestyle Wellness Coaching, Third Edition by James Gavin and Madeleine McBrearty and a 96-page workbook provided in PDF format. Access to the multiple-choice online test and test password are also provided. Note: This course package is made available for immediate access and download after purchase. All materials for this electronic format course are available electronically.
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to Wellness Coaching
Chapter 2. Background and Core Ingredients of Coaching
Chapter 3. Paths of Change
Chapter 4. Coaching Models
Chapter 5. Setting the Foundation for Effective Coaching
Chapter 6. Cocreating the Coaching Relationship
Chapter 7. The Magic of Listening
Chapter 8. The Power of Questioning
Chapter 9. Direct Communication
Chapter 10. Awareness and Action
Chapter 11. Goal-focused Coaching
Chapter 12. Endings and New Beginnings

Appendix A: TTM Decisional Balance: Pros and Cons of Behavior Change
Appendix B: Sample Lifestyle Fitness Coaching Agreement
Appendix C: ICF Code of Ethics
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The information was well-rounded and helpful.  I understand the overlap and differences in counseling and coaching.  As a CBT oriented counselor, I really enjoyed reading about similar coaching techniques which reinforced what I've come to know in the helping profession!  It gave me more perspective and current, solid evidence about tools and strategies to help people be their best selves..  
Overall, I thought this was worthwhile. I would also like to add that the admin assist was helpful and friendly with questions I had about accessing the test.  I got a response on New Year's Day which I didn't expect.  That's going beyond ... thank you!  
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The fact that I will be able to apply this to myself as well as clients. As a matter of fact, it is imperative to do so. 
Another quality product/offering from AAHF!
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I liked the different methods that were discussed on how to influence your clients(emotional arousal, etc)
I enjoyed this program.
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Good information and preparation for wellness coaching. 

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2018-01-12 23:54:00PeterDawsonNASMStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeTo help motivate and focus my clients. It has helped me realize the most effective and appropriate ways to hold clients accountable.It was greatI've taken 3 other courses with AAHFYes
2017-12-11 15:44:01DanielMendoza-ConnerNASMStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYes
2017-11-29 18:03:20National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)AgreeNeutralStrongly AgreeABSOLUTELYThere are errors within the worbook for this course. They need to be fixed because they were confusingNASMYes
2017-11-07 08:31:38NASMStrongly AgreeAgreeStrongly AgreeThis course more than any other I've taken so far has excited me to develop a coaching business.It is VERY confusing when you first sign up as to how to download the book, take the course etc. A ONE page pdf would be helpful to explain it all.Research onlineYes
2017-11-03 14:08:18National Strength and Conditioning AssociationStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYes
2017-11-03 05:40:10ACEStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeBy developing the scope of help I can offer to my Personal Training clients. And by pursuing further coaching qualifications.
2017-08-17 09:07:45ISSAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeNeutralBuild better relationships with clients.Not a major deal since I completed the test within the time I had put aside, but the original paperwork explained that the test would be 60 questions and that I would have 60 minutes to complete it. However, the first test page explained that the test was actually 100 questions and that I would have 100 minutes to complete it. AAHF E-mailYes
2017-07-20 19:36:32NASMStrongly AgreeAgreeStrongly AgreeCoaching my clients through making lifestyle modifications to reach their health and fitness goals.Workbook was very helpful and thorough.www.ptonthenet.comYes
2017-06-26 16:56:09NASMStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeI will further use this content to motivate clients prior to and during my training with them i their fitness journeyInformation was in depth and east to understandThe NASM websiteYes
2017-06-14 21:29:25ISSAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly Agreevery interested in pursuing this area in the futureonlineYes
2017-06-12 18:34:56AAFAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeUsed for continuing educationwonderful courseI received an emailYes
2017-04-24 19:42:08Dordt CollegeNeutralNeutralNeutralI will start coachingit was a good programmy guidance counselorYes
2017-03-30 10:39:20ACEStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeAm working as Health Coach and this information was very valuable to my profession.Very good course contentonline searchYes
2017-03-24 20:10:23NASM (Personal Trainer renewal)AgreeAgreeAgreeusing more psychology with clientsI believe there's a tiny edit needed on the practice test material - please see
question Chapter 5 #7d
which should read: Nonmaleficence
AAHF is a biannual staple in my NASM lifetime recertification journey 🙂Yes
2017-03-10 16:37:12BCRPAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYes
2017-02-13 23:29:27NASMStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYes
2017-01-23 12:13:04ISSAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeCEU's and my line of professionISSAYes
2016-12-31 15:29:56NSCAStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly Agree
2016-11-30 15:41:07ACSMStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeHealth Coaching is part of my job responsibilities and this course only enabled me to become stronger for my clients.Email - enjoyed the option directly related to my job to earn CEU's!Yes
2016-09-03 10:56:59WellcoachesAgreeStrongly AgreeAgreeYesFrom the newsletter I getYes
2016-07-18 19:32:49ACEStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXYes